Chit Chat With Eri

How to Stop Stressing and Enjoying the Moment!

Hi There Kitties! I thought what better way to sit down and chat with you all but to talk about stress and especially during the holidays! I am not talking about stress picking up prssents but I am talking about stress at work, driving home, listening to the news or stressing about what to make… Continue reading How to Stop Stressing and Enjoying the Moment!

Chit Chat With Eri

Chit Chat with Eri-Be You!

Hi Kitties,   I was thinking this weekend to start a blog series called Chit Chat with Eri. I would like to talk about anything and everything that US as women and human beings go through. I thought this series can bring all of us together and we can share all of our stories be… Continue reading Chit Chat with Eri-Be You!