About Me

Hi There! My name is Eri Buxhaku and I am 28 year old with an enormous love for fashion and makeup and anything that sparkles. Yes, I love love sparkles in makeup and fashion***


Quick Facts:

Blog: SparkleWay

Name: Eri Buxhaku

Age: 28

Birthday: August 4

Hometown: Melrose, MA

Occupation: Budget Analyst/LifeStyle Blogger

Favorite Stores: ย J.Crew, Nordstrom, Tory Burch, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic

Must Have Items: nude pumps, a black bag, a perfect fitting pair of jeans, a white tee, and a statement necklace.

What makes my heart smile…..

I love to read more than watch TV because reading relaxes me after a long day at work and it gives me the opportunity to imagine my own characters and scenes. ย I love traveling, cooking, eating out and exploring different restaurants and one of my dreams is to travel the world and be able to explore different cultures. I am a big dog and cat lover and seriously guys, I think I was a cat in my previous life, no joke.


Family is very important to me and hopefully one day I get to be this cool mom that loves fashion and beauty and is great blogger that my kids (when I have them) will be so proud.

How SparkleWay started….

I work as a Budget Analyst but at heart I am a die hard fan of sparkles, makeup and fashion (I mean look at me). Several years ago I started to realize how much in love I was with fashion and makeup that I started writing about pairing outfits and makeup looks on my notebook. several years later when I was fortunate enough to start my masters degree, I learned out to create my own website and blog through my eCommerce class when it downed on my to create my own fashion and makeup blog to share with all of you twin sparkle souls out there.


I will blog and post about beauty products, fashion, travel and everything that sings to my heart. I am a trunk club member and I have decided to share my trunk experience as well as how to pair the orders I receive and share with you my fashion tips and tricks. I also love beauty and I will share with you products I try, favorites, Sephora Play Box unboxing and all makeup related tips and trick I know or learn as I grow younger ๐Ÿ™‚

It makes my heart tickle that you are here and you are interested in what I have to share.

For questions, collaborations, PR and other inquiries please email me at : eriola.buxhaku@gmail.com





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