MARC JACOBS BEAUTY O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara

Hi There Kitties,

I hope everyone of you has gotten into the holiday spirit and are moving along with the Christmas Shopping list. I am almost done with my list and it was a long one this year with all new additions to the family which has always been a dream of mine. No, I did not have babies but we have my family, my sister’s boyfriend family and my boyfriend’s family so yes there is a ton of people to gift to this year.

Without further ado I want to review the Marc Jacobs O!mega black mascara!

Marc Jacobs mascara
Marc Jacobs mascara

I love everything from Marc Jacobs, from their eye shadows to their bronzers, blushes, liquid highlighters but not this mascara. I hope I am the only one who had a bad experience because I love this brand. I got a sample in my Sephora PlayBox and I was so excited but it was very flaky and I had black crumbs all over my under eye area and sometimes all over my face. I thought well it might be a bad tube so let me get the full size and that will prove me wrong. I guess it was not meant to be because the full size mascara was just as bad as the deluxe sample. Mascara is one thing that I will never leave the house without and I expect to get the best one because I will not cheap out on that product. Unfortunately for me this product was a pass but I would love to hear your experiences and ideas if you guys used it differently.


Until next time, be happy and healthy my loves.





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