Chit Chat With Eri

How to Stop Stressing and Enjoying the Moment!

Chit Chat with SparkleWay

Hi There Kitties!

I thought what better way to sit down and chat with you all but to talk about stress and especially during the holidays! I am not talking about stress picking up prssents but I am talking about stress at work, driving home, listening to the news or stressing about what to make for dinner! We are all busy but We are not immortal!

So take a breath ladies and gents and smell the roses even though we are in the dark ages of winter but smell your imaginary roses. I follow this account on instagramm called Calm and they are very inspiring, every day they post quotes and videos to guide you to find peace and calmness. One quote that really got my attention was ” Storms make trees take deeper roots”. and it really got me thinking that whatever happens in life you shouldn’t freak but add it to your life long resume because we are here to learn every day and that process never stops.


Enjoy the holidays in peace and happiness my friends!





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