MAC Snow Ball Face Collection 2017

Hi There Kitties,

I hope everyone is doing great and getting into the holiday spirit as Christmas and New Years is not too far away!

When I bought the MAC Snow Ball Lipstick collection I couldn’t get my hands on the Face Collection with the Whisper of Guilt Highlighter and I cried till the end of time but since I have been such a good girl all year Santa stocked Nordstrom and I was finally able to get it.  You get a pretty sequined bag, a brush that is pretty good quality and soft and of course the grand daddy of them all “Whisper of Guilt Highlighter”.

MAC Snow Ball Face Collection  2017
MAC Snow Ball Face Collection 2017

I did not buy the original whisper of guilt that started the whole highlighter shpeal in the makeup world but I was crazy about it. Every youtuber liked and raved about it, every soul and their mama owned it besides me and that drove me nuts. Santa answered my prayers and put whisper of Guilt on a holiday collection that drove everyone nuts, including me lol.

The swatch is beautiful and dreamy! I have nothing to add besides the fact that you need this in your life! I have owned highlighters from high end to drug store and MAC rocks my makeup world all the time. You might argue that the price is high but tell me what isnt worth the pennies for this glouriosness?! not much!


Until next time kitties, I wish you all the best.





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