Chit Chat Time with SparkleWay

Chit Chat with SparkleWay

Hi Kitties,


Today’s chit chat theme is “Knowing your Self Worth”.

I was laying in bed the other day and watching youtuber Marlena Stell and I got so inspired by her video talking about self worth and talking about insecurities and it got me thinking that so many of us are going through the same thing (me included) and it would be a great topic to talk on my blog.

It is unbelievable under how much pressure women are these days, not only to dress nice and look nice but look skinny and do makeup and look glamorous and on top of that we have to put up with all this crap that is going on with healthcare and taxes. Enough is enough ladies! We are our own boss and no one gets to make decisions about our body or our life. I want all of us to be strong, independent, outspoken, fierce and above of all  be leaders that drive change!!!!

No one will ever approach you and say: Hey I was thinking to offer the best life a human can have. You have to dream heard, work hard and achieve that dream of yours! Don’t let anyone push you around and treat you bad! And if that happens WALK AWAY because you are your own boss and you make up all the rules!

As you have noticed by now I am all about women empowerment and self worth so please let join forces and start today to make our selves better because only that way we can start and make this world a better place!


Be happy and healthy my loves.





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