Colour Pop- “I think I love You” palette review

Hi there lovies,


I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far and being happy and sparkly.


I assume a lot of you have heard about Colourpop and their awesome products?! Well, I discovered them quiet a while ago and I have been in love with their lip products and eyeshadows but not so much with the rest of their creamy products.


Colourpop Eye-shadow Palette

I wasn’t sure how would this perform on my oily eyes but I was certain that it would not dissapoint as the rest of their eye products. I have only had this palette for couple of days but I can tell that it will be my go to. I wore it today to work and I was able to create a fall settled look and if I wanted it to transform it into a night-time appropriate I also could do that.


I was trying to swatch it and show it to you guys but my camera wasn’t cooperating so I am going to use ColourPop’s swatches which are basically the same as mine.

The color payout doesn’t disappoint at all and for $16 I think this palette is a steal! I don’t know how are they so good, produce great quality shadows and sell at a very reasonable price. Whatever it is that they do I do appreciate it so much and can tell you that this palette will be my fall go to.


Please let me know what are your thoughts on this palette, if you have tried it or not and how you like it.





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