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A Day in Kate Middleton’s Shoe in Jcrew

Hi Lovies,

I hope you are all doing great and are enjoying the early warm fall days. Here in Boston is still warm but the leaves have started to fall….. and I cannot wait for my first pumpkin late.

I am obsessed with Kate Middleton and her fashion sense. She is pretty and everything fits her like a glove…. or at least the stylists make it to. Regardless, I love the colors she wears and most importantly her shoe taste. I will make a confession to only you guys but shhhhhh don’t spread the word that I LOVE SHOES!!! This might not be a surmise to some of you but will be to others and let me tell you that I have over 35 pairs of shoes but a girl needs her colors to match with her outfits sooooo give me a break 🙂

These are the shoes that I have seen Kate in several occasions and I wanted them badly but I didn’t know where to find them or if I had to sell my soul to buy them so I started hunting and luckily Jcrew saved my life but selling these beauties on their site.

I didn’t wait a second and bought them on a wimp and let me tell you that these shoes are worth every single penny. They are pretty, sexy, comfortable and the color is gorgeous. I wore them at work the first time and I didn’t want to take them off! These also come in a beige/light gray color so you can have a choice which color you would like to add to your life! If you are interested to live in the shoes of Kate Middleton or pretend to these are the right ones 🙂 and more importantly the espadrilles are on sale for $69.99. I mean come on ladies, these shoes are screaming your name and probably mine for the second time lol

Be Happy and Enjoy Life.



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