Sephora PlayBox-September 2017 Unboxing!

Hi Ladies,

It is that time of the month again…..and no is not what you thinking but it is Sephora Playbox Unboxing time!!!! This box makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning that is getting presents from Sephora! There is nothing more exciting than that ladies…. Am I right or what?!


This month Sephora went all out and sent us silky pauches that felt like heaven!



I am looking forward to play with the products in the box and made one or two of them will turn out to be favorite products of mine. I know the Gimme Brow Fiber Gel is quickly becoming a staple of mine and I might order the full size.


Did you guys get your box? Let me know what you got in yours and your thoughts about the products 🙂

The products are linked in case you would like to purchase any.









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