Tatcha Skincare

Hi there lovies,

Today I will be reviewing one of the high end skincare brands, Tatcha!


I started trying Tatcha skincare not long ago due to my skin going crazy and I was in search of any skincare products that was going to save my thirsty combination skin. I stumbled upon Tatcha and what attracted me towards it was its uniqueness, yes. I had not seen a skincare that claimed to be chemical free and had taken geisha’s skincare secrets and used it to create an awesome line.


The Essence…..

I was the biggest non-believer out there about this product. I thought it was a gimmick and that it was solely just a waste of money. Boy….was I wrong?! Yes, I was so wrong it even hurts to admit it but I am. You splash a palmful into your hands and press into the skin and after a week or so you will see your pores have shrunken, your completion is smoother and every other skincare item goes on beautifully after you have this bad boy on.


The Hydrating Serum,


I am currently on my third bottle…..yes, is that good. It hydrates, it softens and it plums my skin. I wish it wasn’t $98 but you shouldn’t cheap out when it comes to skincare.



Currently, I am using Tatcha Water Cream as my summer moisturizer. I have to say I was very skeptical at the beginning but this little miracle in a jar has made me fall in love with it.


It makes your skin so quenched, so hydrated and so plumped that you will need to be pinched to believe it. It is as I call it a miracle in a jar! I personally use it only in the summer time because it is so light weight but this baby will not work for the harsh Boston winter months and for that I turned to its brother the Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream.

OMG, where do I even start with this baby!

I have very sensitive skin that is prone to hormonal acne and this baby turned my world upside down, yes you hear me right! Now, I have to say that this is very expensive $135 but works wonders for your face. If you don’t mind selling an arm and a leg for it (like me, lol) then I would recommend for you to go and splurge and make sure to strap on to your boots because you will get blown away!


The Rice Enzyme Polish,

I keep falling in love with Tatcha’s products! Everytime I step a foot at the Sephora store I ask for samples to try all the enzyme rice powders and this one, the deep polish was the one! I usually apply a moderate amount and I love how gentle it feels on my skin. This product is a  2 in 1 because not only cleanses but also acts as a toner and it leaves your skin as soft as a baby’s butt.  I wish I knew of Tatcha products before my skin went all rebel on my but mama got it under control!

The result? Healthy, supple, hydrated and pore free skin. When it comes to skincare, do not choose the cheap route but go all in because at the end we only have one life to live with the skin we are given so lets make the best of it.





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